3 137 (Athens) – Büro für Brauchbarkeit

Mid August – mid September, 2016


In the context of its 2016 and 2017 summer residency, the Cologne-based “Büro für Brauchbarkeit” is conducting an artist/curator exchange with the Athens-based off-space “3 137”. From mid August – mid September the Büro für Brauchbarkeit welcomes Kosmas Nikolaou from Athens, while in 2017 members of Büro für Brauchbarkeit will visit 3 137 in Greece.

3 137 is an artist run space in Athens founded by three greek artists/curators: Kosmas Nikolaou, Chrysanthi Koumianaki and Pari Vlassopoulou. The space is used as a studio and opens its gates 3 to 4 times per year to organize exhibitions as also events such as artist talks, presentations and performances. 3 137 is a meeting point for creation and collaboration. An independent initiative that promotes artistic practices and supports experimental ways of art production, curatorship and presentation.

Kosmas Nikolaou will be in residence at the Büro für Brauchbarkeit from mid August until mid September 2016. Kosmas was born at Lycabetus, Athens in 1984. He studied Fine Arts and Architecture. His practice borrows elements from architecture and other sciences which he combines with historical facts, documents and personal experiences in order to highlight his perspective on public history. His need for cooperation and team building has also made him curate some exhibitions.

There will be an artist talk on September 2, 2016.