CAT Cologne – Call for Artists

October 31st, 2016


CAT Cologne invites you to submit a project for a working grant in Cologne, Germany. The project should incorporate the local community and take place for approx. 1-3 months. CAT supports you with a small working grant, accommodation and a publication. The deadline is October 31st for the following year.

“Art is a safe place to start difficult conversations.” (Mariam Ghani, artist, NYC). There is a lot art cannot achieve (directly). But when it’s difficult to talk, art can be a way to reach out. Trial and error by means of art can be an effective tool for activation and political engagement and to find out how citizenship could be defined nowadays. At a time of national conflicts and global issues, you name them, let’s be global citizens. Let’s use art practice as a global tool of communication and for creating Communities.

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