Maha Maamoun – Academy of the Arts of the World


Maha Maamoun is a Cairo-based artist. Her work has been shown in international exhibitions and biennials. She is a founding board member of the Contemporary Image Collective (CiC) in Cairo. Maha Maamoun will be a fellow of the Academy of the Arts of the World from June to mid August 2016.

Lisa Rave – KHM


Lisa Rave has been appointed a fellow at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in the department of experimental film from April until September 2016. Lisa studied photography at Bard College, New York and film at the Universität der Künste Berlin with Heinz Emigholz and at the European Film College in Denmark.


Felipe Castelblanco – CAT Cologne


During the months of May and June interdisciplinary artist Felipe Castelblanco (*1985, Bogotá) will be in residence at CAT Cologne. For his project “Re-Tratos” Filipe will explore the city of Cologne in search for the intermediate spaces between private and public, memory and present, fiction and reality. In doing so the urban architecture becomes a mirror surface just as the residents and passers-by that move through it.


Srećko Horvat – Academy of the Arts of the World

12Horvat_webSrećko Horvat is a philosopher and was one of the founders of the Subversive Festival in Zagreb. His latest publications include The Radicality of Love (John Wiley & Sons, 2015) and What Does Europe Want? (Columbia University Press, 2015, co-written with Slavoj Žižek). »»

Celia + Yunior – new talents


The work of Celia + Junior examines the political, administrative and economic scenes in different cities by using information found in the place and establishing unexpected connections. Direct contact with specialists in the fields they are interested to work in is key to develop our process. Celia + Junior ask for opinions and find the complexities and variations of each place; mainly interested in the relationship established between individuals and different administration mechanisms.


Youssef Ouchra – new talents


Born in Casablanca in 1984, Youssef Ouchra has lived and worked in this city since his studies in broadcast media and computer graphics. His creative process takes various forms: graphic creations, installations, sound creations, and realisations of video art, which have earned him several prizes. »»

Fred Khumalo – Academy of the Arts of the World


Fred Khumalo is a renowned South African columnist and author of the novel Bitches’ Brew (Jacana Media, 2006), for which he was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature in 2006. Khumalo is a fellow of the Academy of the Arts of the World.


Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo – new talents

Susana_Pilar_Delahante_MatienzoSusanna Pilar Delahante Matienzo lives and works in Havana, Cuba. One of her initial goal is the examination of the role of the Afro-American woman and her body as well as the terms of gender or racism.


Soukaina Joual – new talents

Soukaina-JoualSoukaina Joual lives and works in Fes, Morocco. In her works she grapples with meat as medium and material, both in objects as well as in performances. In addition to the organic material and its colour, Soukaina is working with offal and a fascination for abattoirs. Next to its disturbingly and potentially repellent character as dead thing, the artist transforms meat into a contemplation-worthy and artistic object. »»

Prof. Dr. Babu Thaliath – Morphomata


I was born on 23rd May 1966 at Bharananganam in India. I graduated from College of Engineering Trivandrum, University of Kerala with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1988, after which I studied German Philology and Philosophy at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi (1992-1994). »»

Prof. Dr. Ciraj Rassool – MORPHOMATA


My study about making and contesting the political biography (of I.B Tabata), premised on concepts of biographical relations and biographical production, will move beyond narrow debates about the individual and social forces and the limited value of methodological individualism. It will also show how nationalism and resistance history can be understood outside masculinist and modernist frames by breaching the boundary between the public and the private »»

Antonina Baever – Academy of the Arts of the World

Antonia Beaver

Antonina Baever is an artist and curator based in Moscow. She participated in the video art festivals of Orebro, Cologne, Moscow and Melbourne and the Bergen Assembly 2013. Her most recent solo exhibitions include Socialism in a Dream (MUZEON Park of Arts, Moscow, 2014), Time Shall Be No More (CEH Manege, Moscow, 2014), Getting There Together (Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2013). Her works can be found in museums and public collections such as the MMoMA and MUZEON Park of Arts, Documentary Film Center in Moscow.


Katia Barrett – Academy of the Arts of the World

Katia_Barrett: Still from 'State of Florida v. George Zimmerman (2015)
Still from ‘State of Florida v. George Zimmerman (2015)


Katia Barrett is a London-based artist who is currently completing her MA at the Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem. Her recent research and practice draw upon developments in interdisciplinary theoretical biology in which the subjectivization of nature corresponds with a naturalization of subjectivity. From this theoretical platform, she explores questions of agency, reason, consciousness and will. Her recent shows include Young London at the V22 in London (2013) and Geology of Piss at xero, kline & coma in London (2012).

Photo: Still from ‘State of Florida v. George Zimmerman (2015)