Brohmeyer|Rosteius – ZAIK (Zentrum für Austausch und Innovation Köln)

October 2016


During the month of October Charlotte Brohmeyer & Geraldine Rosteius are in residence at ZAIK – Zentrum für Austausch und Innovation Köln. The two artists will show the first results of their research in the context of a studio showing on October 21 (8.30pm) at Quartier am Hafen.

In VON FALL ZU FALL dancers and choreographers Charlotte Brohmeyer und Geraldine Rosteius explore modes of falling, catching and colliding of objects and bodies. They try out falling on different grounds and establish rhythms of letting go and crashing down. Besides the mere physical processes they are interested in the consequences of the fall itself: anxiety, pain and loss of control. In their virtuosic performance they eventually ask in which societal and interpersonal constellations falling is turned into its opposite – and leads the way to immense freedom.

Charlotte Brohmeyer and Geraldine Rosteius both finished their studies at the “Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln” in 2014. Since then they were involved as dancers in different productions.
VON FALL ZU FALL is their second joint production in which they investigate the relations between physical, emotional and social processes. Their first work „SCISSILIS“ was shown for example in the context of “in progress” at TanzFaktur Köln as well as at the MADfestival Bonn.

October 21, 2016, 8.30pm:
ZAIK residency showing
Charlotte Brohmeyer & Geraldine Rosteius – Von Fall zu Fall
Venue: Quartier Am Hafen, Poller Kirchweg 78-90, 51105 Cologne