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June 2017


Social theorist and author Jan Sowa holds a PhD in sociology and a habilitation in cultural studies. His research assignments took him to several universities in Poland and abroad, recently to the University warsaw and the University of São Paulo. Sowa is the author and editor of numerous publications, including the volume of essays A Joy Forever: Political Economy of Social Creativity. In his articles, monographs and essays, he criticizes the interpretation and handling of Polish history. In his latest publication, Inna Rzeczpospolita jest możliwa. Widma przeszłości, wizje przyszłości (2015), he drafts a unified model of society. Sowa counts as one of the most important voices of the European Left. He lives in Warsaw.

Public -Jan Sowa in conversation with Ekatarina Degot

29 6 2017 – 21:00
Jan Sowa – Through a Dark Mirror Populism, Nationalism and Other Consequences of Neoliberal Assault in Central-Eastern Europe

Venue: King Georg, Sudermanstraße 2, 50670 Cologne 3€
Doors open: 20:00
In English

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