Joël Verwimp – CAT Cologne

April – Mai

Joel Verwimp, Cat CologneInitially trained as a visual artist and cook, Verwimp is currently doing research into forms of complicity and is since 2014 curatorial director of the Maria de Robe Collection. His work is recognised for the pressing manner in which he explores personal and societal notions of friendship and repair through an artistic practice that involves assemblages, reparations and appropriation. In 2011 he co-initiated the MPA-B (Month of Performance art) and co-founded the Association for Performance art in Berlin.

Verwimp makes art since 1998, initiates and runs art organisations, writes, curates, edits, collects, publishes and lectures. He has presented his work in galleries, in public space, Kunsthalle, artist run space, universities, communal art centres, at the theatre, conference, museum, biennale, AIR, Kunstverein, art fair, theater- and filmfestivals.

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