Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz – Academy of the Arts of the World

Mid September – mid November 2016


Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz (São Paulo) is a cultural critic and independent translator, curator, and editor. Since 2014 he is a founding member of Seminário Público Micropolíticas, a public seminar on new social movements and new forms of government, and the notion of “Micropolitics”. He holds a fellowship at the Academy of the Arts of the World from mid September until mid November 2016.

02.11.2016, 7pm
Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz

Brazil between neoliberal cultural politics and new social movements 2013–2016

Since 2013, the political landscape in Brazil has changed dramatically. Unparalleled protests by newly-formed social movements were followed by a “reactionary turn,” with radically nationalistic manifestations on the streets. Most recently, the media offensive and impeachment movement against President Dilma Rousseff have shaken the country with an unprecedented impact on parliamentary politics, to the point of leading representational politics to a complete breakdown. Never before have the streets been so much disputed, by so many even radically controversial movements, from the far left to the far right. The same observation seems to apply to the cultural field, where nothing is quite the same. Writer, curator and Academy fellow Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz delves into the cultural impact of the current situation in Brazil. The “privilege of speech” has never been more disputed; never have both conservative and so-called progressive cultural production been more questionable than they are now.

October 8, 2016, category: fellows,