PARTICULAR/EXEMPLARY – Morphomata Annual Conference

July 4 – 6, 2016


Under the theme “PARTICULAR/EXEMPLARY – Morphomatic Case Studies on Biography and Portraiture” the Morphomata International Center for Advanced Studies holds its annual conference with the participation of all current Morphomata fellows. All lectures are open to the public.

In its second funding phase, which began in 2015, the Morphomata International Research Center has been addressing “Biography and the Portrait as Figurations of the Particular” and inquiring into the procedures – beyond the cultural history of single genres – in which the particular in its cultural manifestation takes on a form capable of exerting historic influence. The exemplary communicates between the particular and the general, between the individual and the communal. It figures our cultural knowledge across a distance and always also the possibility, at least in principle, of reducing this distance: that between the normal person and the norm, of self-image to model. Through the particular as the exemplary in cultural knowledge, the Morphomata Center is discussing in its annual meeting, in theoretical reflections and in case studies from various disciplines, a central way in which cultural dynamics function.

Participants (current fellows are marked in bold):
Clemena Antonova (Sofia) · Günter Blamberger (Köln) · Dietrich Boschung (Köln) · Larissa Förster (Köln) · Thierry Greub (Köln) · Hans Peter Hahn (Frankfurt) · Ludwig Jäger (Köln) · Tanja Klemm (Köln) · Jeanette Kohl (Riverside) · Anja Lemke (Köln) · Ulrike Lindner (Köln) · Katharina Lorenz (Nottingham) · Ciraj Rassool (Cape Town) · Monika Rinck (Berlin) · Valeska von Rosen (Bochum) · Martin Roussel (Köln) · Nicholas Saul (Durham) · Marisa Siguan (Barcelona) · Florian Stilp (Paris) · Babu Thaliath (Neu-Delhi)

Location: Morphomata library, Weyertal 59 (rear building, 3rd floor), 50937 Köln

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