nutrospektif – ZAIK

28 – 30 April – 20:00 Uhr – Orangerie im Volksgarten

nutrospektif - ZAIK - fellows network cologne

NUTROSPEKTIF is an all female urban dance collective. Retaining our origin of urban dance art, nutrospektif is mainly working on dance theatre pieces in a contemporary context.

We are searching for an own language of dance, using the urban dance styles as breaking, hiphop, house, popping, locking, vogueing and whacking in different contexts: the theater stage, the show competion or a lecture. Nutrospektif is seeking for an expression of art, dance and emotion.

Next to our work in the theater context, we are present in the urban dance scene. Nutrospektif is entering battles and show competitions, organising urban events.

April 25, 2017, category: fellows,