Niq Mhlongo – Academy of the Arts of the World

niq_mhlongoAuthor Niq Mhlongo has been called “one of the most high-spirited and irreverent new voices of South Africa’s post-apartheid literary scene.” he is strongly influenced by his hometown of Soweto as he pens his fiction in Soweto, about Soweto and in Soweto dialect. »»

Workshop – Rückwärts filmen – CAT Cologne

Joel Verwimp

Fast jeder von uns hatte schon mal eine Idee für einen Film.

In ‘Rückwärts Filmen’ geht es also nicht ums Rückwärtslaufen sondern darum, selbst Kurzfilme zu drehen und dabei den gesamten Prozess rückwärts zu erarbeiten. »»

Turkey´s Authoritarian Turn: When did it all start?

Turgut Ercetin


This special panel discussion in Oberhausen is organized by the Academy of the Arts of the World together with the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and deals with current alarming rise of authoritarianism in Turkey.  »»

New Fellows 2017 – morphomata



Morphomata has selected an impressive group of international fellows from various disciplines. We are delighted to welcome: Daniel Baric (German Studies/History, Tours), Till Förster(Anthropology / Art History, Basel), Nicola Gess (German Literature / Comparative Literature, Basel),  Maria-Th. Leuker-Pelties (Dutch Language and Literature, Cologne),Christian Moser (Comparative Literature, Bonn), Ana María Presta (Latin American History, Buenos Aires), Joan Ramon Resina (Comparative Literature, Iberian Studies, Standford) and Gabriele Rippl (Literatures in English, Bern). »»

new artist in residence cologne/marrakech – Quartier am Hafen


The programs brings one Moroccan and one German multidisciplinary artists with a high interest for crosscultural exchange and the desire together to research, work and reflect on individual and collective initiatives, through artistic work and critical discussions. »»

nutrospektif – ZAIK

nutrospektif - ZAIK - fellows network cologne

NUTROSPEKTIF is an all female urban dance collective. Retaining our origin of urban dance art, nutrospektif is mainly working on dance theatre pieces in a contemporary context. »»

International Visitorprogramm NRW Kultursekretariat

Das Fellowsnetzwerk freut sich, dass die initiierte Kollaboration der Akademie der Künste der Welt und des Internationalen Besucherprogramms dieses Frühjahr in Köln stattfindet.

Unter anderem mit den internationalen Gästen:Council (FR), Framer Framed(NL), Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski (PL), Triple Canopy(U.S.), Ibraaz (U.S.), Robert Bosch Academy/ Robert Bosch Stiftung (ZA/ GE)

und den Kölner/Düsseldorfer Partnern: Temporary GalleryKunstverein für die Rheinlande und WestfalenSIMULTANHALLE – Raum für zeitgenössische KunstMuseum Ludwig KölnK21 Ständehaus, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-WestfalenImpulse Theater Festival and Kolumba Kunstmuseum


Joël Verwimp – CAT Cologne

Joel Verwimp, Cat CologneInitially trained as a visual artist and cook, Verwimp is currently doing research into forms of complicity and is since 2014 curatorial director of the Maria de Robe Collection. His work is recognised for the pressing manner in which he explores personal and societal notions of friendship and repair through an artistic practice that involves assemblages, reparations and appropriation. In 2011 he co-initiated the MPA-B (Month of Performance art) and co-founded the Association for Performance art in Berlin. »»

Chulayarnnon Siriphol – Academy of the Arts of the World

Chulayarnnon SiripholBangkok-based filmmaker and visual artist Chulayar nnon Siriphol works in short film, experimental film, documentary and video installation; his works are in between personal memory and social memory, documentary and fiction, reality and the supernatural. »»

Srećko Horvat – Academy of the Arts of the World

Srecko Horvat, Köln

Srećko Horvat is a Croatian philosopher and activist regarded as one of the central figures of the New Left in post-Yugoslavia. Most recently published books include Subversion!(Zero Books 2017), The Radicality of Love (Polity 2015) and together with Slavoj Žižek What Does Europe Want? (Columbia University Press 2014). »»

Symposium „The Extreme Centre“


A Symposium on the Future of Politics in Times of Populism

Tue 18 04 2017
21:00 Performance by MICHAEL PORTNOY

Wed 19 04 2017
21:00 Performance by LAIBACH


Turgut Erçetin – Academy of the Arts of the World

Ercetin_Turgut, Academy of the Arts of the World

A native of Istanbul, Turgut Erçetin studied composition and completed his doctorate studies at Stanford University with Brian Ferneyhough as his advisor. His current works engage with issues of sound, not as sonic colors but as entities that are perceived at various degrees of complexities as a result of composed acoustics. »»

Ferhat Özgür – Academy of the Arts of the World

Fellow, Artist in Resident, Köln, Cologne, Akademie der Künste der WeltFerhat Özgür’s artistic works cover a wide spectrum ranging from video and photography to installations. His works have been on display in many international locations, such as Centre Pompidou (Paris), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Museum der Moderne Salzburg and MUMOK Vienna. The MoMA PS1 New York presented 2012 – 2013 with I can sing a solo exhibition of his works »»

Reading Group @Academy of the Arts of the World

Leonid Gaidai, Operation Y and Shurik’s Other Adventures, Mosfilm, 1965 (film still)


This season, the Academy introduces a new (self-) educational initiative, a reading group,founded with the goal of deepening and intensifying discussion of the themes broached in the Academy’s program. The reading groupmeets once a month always on Tuesdays at7 pm at ACADEMYSPACE, in the hospitable setting of the newly arranged entrance lounge. »»

Americium – Erik Blinderman & Lisa Rave

Americium, Lisa Rave“Americium”, Erik Blinderman and Lisa Rave’s new exhibition centers on a film of the same name. Taking its title from a man made radioactive element on the periodic table, “Americium” addresses the literal contamination of sacred lands and the spiritual neglect of an American landscape.


Rosalind Breen – CAT Cologne

rosalind-breen“Collective Myth” beschreibt unbewusste Antriebskräfte die unseren Alltag begleiten. Jeder kennt diese subtilen Gedanken und Empfindungen, die sich mitunter als Zukunftsvisionen oder Lebenswünsche zeigen. Bilder und visuelle Reize vermögen es, solche Reaktionen auszulösen und darzustellen. Während ihres Projektes macht sich Breen auf die Suche nach einer gemeinsamen Ikonografie.
Welche lokalen und universellen Bildwelten haben in und für Köln eine besondere Bedeutung? »»

Sam Hopkins & John Kamicha – THE BIKE GANG


Over the last years, Nairobi has undergone intensified gentrification – a lasting boom rapidly turning the city’s former industrial slums into financial districts. The same period has seen the emergence of a new bicycle subculture. Its open membership and geographical mobility run counter to the fixed ascriptions of ethnic identity which are otherwise all-important in Kenya; but at the same time, it also provides a way to tap into brand experiences of global capitalism, for which subcultures are yet another source of profit. In The Bike Gang, Sam Hopkins and John Kamicha use strategies of collective and collaborative filmmaking to illuminate this bicycle subculture in an intimate portrait of a small group. »»

Felipe Castelblanco & Borderless TV – TO EMPOWER REFUGEES WITH TV Joint event with CAT Cologne

Felipe Castelblanco CAT-CologneRefugees are usually in front of the camera, and rarely ever behind it. Interviewed by eager documentarians or put on the spot in talk shows as human-interest informants, they must speak from a certain position or remain silent and invisible. How can we resist this usual ascription of roles? Can technical, journalistic and artistic expertise empower refugees and migrants to speak for themselves beyond the pale of the mass media and its stereotypes? »»

Kölnischer Kunstverein joins the fellows network cologne


The studio programme of Kölnischer Kunstverein has been launched in 2003 in order to offer young artists the opportunity to work in a studio in the centre of Cologne at only a minimal cost contribution. Ten studios in the building of Kölnischer Kunstverein are awarded or prolonged on an annual basis. »»

CAT Cologne – Call for Artists


CAT Cologne invites you to submit a project for a working grant in Cologne, Germany. The project should incorporate the local community and take place for approx. 1-3 months. CAT supports you with a small working grant, accommodation and a publication. The deadline is October 31st for the following year. »»

Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz – Academy of the Arts of the World


Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz (São Paulo) is a cultural critic and independent translator, curator, and editor. Since 2014 he is a founding member of Seminário Público Micropolíticas, a public seminar on new social movements and new forms of government, and the notion of “Micropolitics”. He holds a fellowship at the Academy of the Arts of the World from mid September until mid November 2016. »»

Madhusree Dutta – 7 ISLANDS AND A METRO


Mumbai is a city profoundly shaped by constant demographic change. Waves of migration regularly hit the city’s muddy shores, leaving behind memories and mindsets. It is this multilingual city of sprawling slums and real estate onslaughts that Academy member-in-residence and current fellow Madhusree Dutta explores in her film 7 Islands and a Metro, a hard hitting yet lyrical take on the city’s story. »»

Monika Rinck – Morphomata

13483107_1624313004552591_4442063163118668652_oMonika Rinck was born 1969 in Zweibrücken, Rhineland-Palatinate and lives in Berlin. Since 1989, after her university years devoted to Comparative Literature and Religious Studies, she published several books in a number of publishing houses. Her most recent poetrybook HONIGPROTOKOLLE (Honey Protocolls) came out in 2012, for which she was awarded the Huchel-Preis 2013. Followed by RISIKO UND IDIOTIE (Risk and Idiocy), Essays, in Spring 2015. Monika Rinck is member of the P.E.N.-Club, the Lyrikknappschaft Schöneberg, the Akademy of Arts Berlin and the German Academy for Language and Literature. »»