PLAY: Joel Verwimp – A.L.R.E.A.D.Y. and former fellows

30. June – 2. Juli

19453194_1629452610398160_6095818511744591831_oThe score, D. Aftermath (2014) for Cologne by Lindsey Drury, extended by Joël Verwimp for CAT Cologne in the context of the PLAY, video and performance festival 2017.

This work is an extension of a score from a larger corpus called “When Is A House?” which aims to lay bare the duo’s attempt to formulate a methodology of reading and writing with which to both survey work of their own and of others as well as mutually extend their respective practices. Their process is subjected to This and That along the way, both in terms of subject matter and conditions (e.g. generosity of ideas, commitment of time, and acknowledgment).

The video presentation will be interwoven with a performance of “When Is A House?”— a live reading session of the ongoing interview recordings between
T (This room) and T (That house) — by Lindsey Drury and Joël Verwimpduring the opening day of the Festival on friday at 7pm,.


Also shown: works by former CAT – Cologne residents Rosalind Breen, Sam Hopkins, Felipe Castelblanco

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