Simohammed Fettaka & Evamaria Schaller – Quartier am Hafen

August – September 2017


Simohammed Fettaka
is a multidisciplinary artist, born in 1981 in Tangier.
Simohammed studied Philosophy and Signal Processing in Morocco and later trained in filmmaking at La Femis, Paris.
He founded the yearly Tangiers film festival Cinema Nachia. His work predominantly uses the medium of film, however it also incorporates photography and collage and extends to other art forms such as installation, sound art and performance. At the centre of his work is a reflection on the presentation of the image.

Evamaria Schaller
is a Cologne based artist from Austria who is working mainly site specific. Her work oscillates between performance-art, film and installation. She deals with daily actions and its absurdity as well with transformation and decontextualization of material. Evamaria uses her body as a measure to create sculptures of time.
Evamaria is one of the founder members of the Performance Art Network PAErsche. She often works in collaborative artistic processes.



The programs brings one Moroccan and one German multidisciplinary artists with a high interest for crosscultural exchange and the desire together to research, work and reflect on individual and collective initiatives, through artistic work and critical discussions.

It is made for artists who are seeking to collaborate and reflect about their artistic work within different social and cultural contexts with an artist from another discipline/culture and which are interested to open a dialogue concerning culture, art and working methods are welcome to apply.

The exchange is divided into two phases:
Phase 1: The artist from Cologne will be invited to Marrakech to live and work together with the artist based in Marrakech for 5 weeks at the Queens Collective ( Second phase will take place in May 2017.

Phase 2: The artist from Marrakech will be invited to Cologne to live and work together with the artist based in Cologne for 5 weeks at Quatier am Hafen. First phase will take place in September 2017.





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